Friday, August 22, 2014

8/29 homework

Homework due 8/29 at the beginning of class, SCA to follow. 

Read pages 28-47 and answer the following focus questions:

1. What powers did King John really give up in the Magna Carta?
2. How did the Petition of Right limit King Charles I power?
3. What rights were gained by English Bill of Rights 1689?
4. What was the New England Confederation and what was the purpose of it?
5. What was the Albany Plan of Union?
6. Compare and contrast The Stamp Act Congress, First Continental Congress and Second Continental Congress.
7.What were/are the common features of the State Constitutions (see box on p. 39)?
8. Specifically, what powers were granted to the gov't. under the Articles of Confederation?
9. What eight powers were denied to the A.O.C.?
10. What happened at Mount Vernon and Annapolis to spurn a new gov't?