Friday, November 07, 2014

11/14 homework

Homework due 11/14 SCA to follow.

Chapter 11 Congress "The Powers of Congress"

answer the following:

1. Define the following as they pertain to the powers of Congress:
a. expressed powers
b. implied powers
c. inherent powers

2. What is strict constructionalism?
3. What is liberal or loose constructionalism?
4. What is consensus?
5. What are the purposes of taxation?
6. What is the difference between a direct and indirect tax?
7. What is public debt?
8. What is the commerce power of congress?
9. Explain why the Gibbons case is important.
10. Explain the currency power of congress.
11. What does legal tender mean?
12. What is bankruptcy?
13. What are the foreign relations powers of congress?
14. What are the WAR POWERS OF CONGRESS?
15. What is eminent domain?
16. What is the necessary and proper clause and why is it so vital to the congress?
17. What is the McCulloch case and what powers did it settle?
18. What are the steps in an impeach case?