Thursday, April 26, 2012

World History Academy

World History Country Project

The Country Project

This is the final project for the year and will either help you or hurt you (you choose).

You are to put together a project on the country of your choosing (in class, No Canada nor U.S.A).

Format (select one):

(A)Tri-fold project board, (B) power point presentation saved in 2003 format, (C) video which is either converted to DVD or can be supported on windows media player (my computer).

What is to be included:

1. Statistical Data (I’ll go over this in class:)

2. Type of gov’t. and its leaders.

3. Flag! Full page.

4. Political and physical map of your country (make them full page so they are clear)

5. Pictures of your country showing famous or historical places of interest (like a travel brochure).

6. One page MLA formatted summary of the last 60 years of history (HIGHLIGHTS!).

7. Be creative, the more you include the better off you will be.