Monday, November 26, 2012

12/7 homework

Homework due Dec. 7

chs. 13 and 14

1. What are the 8 basic roles of the President? (354-5)
2.What are the qualifications and term for President? (356-7)
3. What are the pay and benefits for the President? (358)
4. What amendment to the Const. adjusted the line of succession to the Presidency in 1967 and what is the line of succession? (359)
5. What is the absolute length of term can a President serve? (Me, in class!)
6. What is the importance of the Vice-Presidency? (361-2)
7. What does the term Imperial Presidency mean? (392)
8. What is an Imperial President?
9. What are the executive powers of the President? (393-6)
10. What are the diplomatic and military powers of the President? (399-403)
11. What are the provisions of the War Powers Act of 1973? (403)
12. What is a line-item-veto and what supreme court case invalidated it? (407)
13. What is a "boondoggle"? (407 and me in class)
14. What is amnesty? (408)