Thursday, September 08, 2011

Homework for 9/16

Homework due 9/16. Be ready for a quiz

Chapter 5 Political Parties

Answer the following:

1. What is a political party?

2. What is the function of a political party?

3. What is the watchdog function of political parties?

4. Why does the US have a two party system?

5. What is a single-member district?

6. What is a plurality?

7. What is a pluralistic society?

8. What is a coalition?

9. What is an incumbent?

10. What are factions and how do they operate?

11. What are the 4 types of minor parties and why are they important?

AND complete the following online quizzes to find out your political affiliation....

Political Party online quizzes

Here are the quizzes I spoke of in class.

These are due on Friday with your homework.

Simply print the results out or write them out on a piece of paper.

We will be discussing this in class, so please be prepared.