Friday, February 24, 2012

3/2 homework

Homework due Friday March 2nd.

Ch. 7 Elections

Define the following terms:

1. caucus

2. direct primary

3. closed primary

4. open primary

5. blanket primary

6. runoff primary

7. absentee voting

8. coattail effect

9. Australian ballot

10. office-group ballot

11. party column ballot

12. bedsheet ballot

13. Political action committee

14. subsidy

15. Hard v. soft money

Sunday, February 19, 2012

2/24 homework

Homework due at the beginning of class on Friday 2/24.

Chapter 6 Voting Rights:

1. What do Suffrage and Franchise mean?

2. What is the electorate and what is the approximate number in this country?

3. What are the current voter qualifications in this country?

4. What is a poll tax and how were they used?

5. READ page 158 and explain why voter apathy is dangerous to our democracy?

6. How did the 15th amendment affect former slaves and why was it not enforced?

7. What is Reapportionment and what is gerrymandering?

8.What did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 effectively do for blacks in America?

9.What is preclearance and how does it work?

10. Create a list (10) of reasons why people don't vote.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

2/10 homework

Homework for Feb. 10. Due at the beginning of class ready for a quiz

Chapter 5 Political Parties
Answer the following:
1. What is a political party?

2. What is the function of a political party?

3. What is the watchdog function of political parties?

4. Why does the US have a two party system?

5. What is a single-member district?

6. What is a plurality?

7. What is a pluralistic society?

8. What is a coalition?

9. What is an incumbent?

10. What are factions and how do they operate?

11. What are the 4 types of minor parties and why are they important?

AND complete the following online quizzes to find out your political affiliation...
Political Party online quizzes
Here are the quizzes I spoke of in class.
These are due on Friday with your homework.

Simply print the results out or write them out on a piece of paper.
We will be discussing this in class, so please be prepared.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

homework for 2/3

Federalism: read pages 88-108

Answer the following:

1. Define Federalism.

2. What are expressed powers?

3. What are implied powers?

4. What are inherent powers?

5. What are reserved powers?

6. What are exclusive powers?

7. What are concurrent powers?

8. What are the procedures for admiting new states?

9. What is a grant-in-aid?

10. What is revenue sharing?

11. What are categorical grants?

12. What are block grants?